Device and Operation

Device and operation

Radial Clutch is today the result of a project born in 2015, which has seen several years of study, testing and development up to the product currently available on the market.

The Radial Clutch slipper clutch, since its first use, has been tested and used by several champions from MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and from all over the off-road world such as MXGP, MX2, Enduro, Supermotard and FlatTrack.


The innovative and decisive element of the device is a pair of rocker arms that fits as a third dynamic creating a dynamic filter on the engine brake management.

The work of these favors the distribution, in a time (variable), of the retrograde torque, making the peaks (LOCKING and HOPPING OF THE REAR WHEEL) become progressive curves.

The engine will no longer rise towards maximum revs, but will rise steadily transforming this force into deceleration. This behavior is particularly appreciated in driving, even in downshifts of several gears, where the speed of the gear engaged would not be adequate to the number of engine revolutions.

All moving parts are mounted inside the clutch hub, this involves extreme simplicity of assembly without the need for special tools.

In all thrust points there are steel bearings and / or shavings that make friction negligible for regular operation even after periods of long stress limiting wear.

The dynamics that arise from this device allow the rider to manage and customize the feeling with the bike according to their riding style and according to the route to be faced.

The system is adaptable to all motorcycle displacements: from 1000cc Superbike to 160cc Pitbike and minigp, types of wet and dry clutches.



Entirely machined from billet in aerospace aluminum alloys Ergal 7075 T6-T7 with hard oxidation surface treatment to ensure good wear resistance (with proper maintenance).

The Radial Clutch “device” is also covered by two international patents that contribute to making its operation unique.

Faster standing starts that will make you Holeshot do at the first corner.

Improves the sensitivity and performance of your clutch, limiting unwanted slippage.

It ensures a correct flow of oil and lubrication of the components.